Aloha Link is proud to be the first HUGE TELECOM partner in the vaal.

Aloha Link have joined hands with one of Africa’s biggest communication groups HUGE TELECOM, for all your business and home calls. We are now offering communication devices, GSM systems, PABX systems and more.

This is the next evolution in Business communication and the most reliable small business Telephone solution.

Making calls when there is loadshedding with other devices, does not work! With the new business communication fully mobile device, you can make calls to your clients when there is load shedding, when you work from home or when you need to go to the shops. Now you can take control of your business communication needs using one simple and cost-effective, yet highly advanced SOHO solution. Make calls to landline numbers, and cell phone numbers all in one price. You can choose the option that works best for your company and keep your old business number or get a brand new one, either get unlimited calls to any network for R440p/m, or line only for R190p/m if you receive calls and outgoing calls only 49c per minute for outgoing calls. The CHEAPEST in Gauteng! Forget about VOIP, forget about the old school high-risk devices and keep your calls high and your payments low.

The benefits of the SOHO device

• Plug, play & walk-away solution.

• Keep your existing numbers or get a new geographic number.

• No data connection required.

• No risk of cable theft.

• No PABX required.

• Single number for incoming and outgoing calls which can hunt between all your lines.  Hunting is when the phone searches for the next available SOHO device in your office, instead of missing a call that could be important for your business.

The Huge Voice Offering

  • Makes use of proven GSM* technologies
  • Same day installation
  • Per second or per minute options to suit your call traffic profile
  • Calls to, and from, all networks
  • Leading tier-one network infrastructure
  • Guaranteed call quality
  • Routing infrastructure quickly and easily transferred between premises
  • Tried and tested solution
  • Proactive call monitoring
  • Excellent mean time between failures and rapid mean time to repair (when necessary)
  • Proven carrier grade itemised billing and invoicing
  • Intimate knowledge of network, provisioning and support – 17 years’ experience
  • ICASA licensed equipment

GSM has dominated the voice calling market for decades, and its connectivity standards are heavily prescribed and policed by international regulators. Operators are bound to exacting standards and quality levels, so you can rest assured that your GSM services will offer consistently high quality and, more importantly, high-security coverage.


The benefits of a Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) system.

  • Staff members have individual instruments and calls are transferred from the receptionist.
  • Staff can be grouped together
  • Telephone system can present messages or announcements
  • Calls can be made between staff members at no cost
  • Business can only advertise one phone number

An accepted norm in business is to allow 1 line per 8 extensions in a low traffic environment and 1 line per 4 extensions in a high traffic environment (should never have less than 2 lines) PABXs typically have cards in a rack frame, these cards have different purpose. CPU, trunks, extensions, Voicemail. They could also have memory storage in the form of SD card, HDD or SDD.

The features of PABXs

  • Hunting
  • DDI Direct Dialling In
  • DDO Direct Dialling Out
  • Pickup Group
  • Boss Secretary combinations
  • Auto attendant
  • Contact Centres
  • Voice mail
  • Voice recording
  • Telephone Management Systems
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Barring
  • Outdoor Extensions
  • Music On Hold
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